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Many of the original Russian Convoys clubs & associations have now disbanded, mainly due to the age of the Veterans of WWII.

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The Russian Convoys

During World War II, the North Atlantic Fleet, also known as The Russian Convoys, took supplies into Russia. Thousands of young men died in the icy seas.

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Join Us / Get Involved

Free Membership is open to all Veterans of the Russian Convoys WWII and details about Friend & Associate membership is available on our Join Us page.

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Booklet “Newsletters 1-8” by Anna C McKessock (2017)

Our first 8 newsletters (September 2015 to June 2017). 48 pages (size A4) in full glossy colour with additional photographs

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Update... June 2018

Some exciting new publications are on their way and the summer newsletter has now been emailed out (photo of Veteran Jimmy Baynes by Rosemary Lever)

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    We currently have our booklet of newsletters 1-8 AND all the original individual newsletters published so far 1-12 (Sept 2015-Summer 2018) which are available as individual colour prints

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