Murray Haddow

Murray Haddow was just 18 and leaving school when he was called up. Joining the Royal Navy, and after his initial training, in March 1944, he was posted to the destroyer HMS Caprice as a leading writer.

He took part in 6 Russian Convoys – JW59 to Murmansk in June 1944 and the return convoy RA59A, convoy JW61A to the Kola Inlet in November 1944 with the return Convoy RA61A later that month, and then Convoy JW62 in December 1944 and the return Convoy RA62 from the Kola Inlet later that same month.

Murray says, ''My main recollection is of almost 24 hour daylight during the summer Convoys and virtual total darkness in the winter months!'

by Murray Haddow

Murray would love to get in contact with any of his shipmates, he now lives in the Dundee (Scotland) area and is an active member of RACC


  • Royal Navy, Ships; HMS Caprice (destroyer)

  • Photo - Some of my shipmates on HMS Caprice; Myself, Malachy (Tony) Conroy from Rutherglen near Glasgow, Wireless Operator and Mick Maher from Exeter, Asdic Operator

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